Male Brazilian waxing FAQ’s — how long does the hair need to be?

We’re looking at the most commonly asked questions about male brazilian waxing from first timers, to help you before your first wax…

How long does my hair need to be to be waxed?

Maybe you shaved recently and in your bristly, itchy regrowth state started considering the benefits of waxing… and after reading up a bit it sounds like a much better option… and you want to start straight away — there’s only one issue:

How long do I need to grow my hair before it can be waxed?

Generally, anything over 0.5 cm can be removed with wax. However, you’ll get much better results (and likely a less cranky therapist) with hair 1 cm long or more. At this length the hair will come out all in one go much easier (and less painful for you)

Should  I trim long hairs?

It’s up to you really. It’s likely going to be a bit easier for both you and your therapist if you tame the bush a little beforehand if it’s a bit out of control. Don’t stress about it, just (carefully) trim the excess with a pair of scissors.  Saves your hair getting tangled in the wax (which can definitely cause a pinch)

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