What to expect when having a wax

What to expect when you are having your first Brazilian wax; the awkward questions

Having your first Brazilian wax can seem daunting (especially for you poor guys). There’s a definite awkwardness involved in baring your hairy privates to a stranger to rip out…!

We’re not shy, so we’ll answer the awkward questions beforehand so you don’t have to


What happens if I get an erection when I’m being waxed?

This seems to be one of the biggest concerns for first-timers. It’s a natural reaction when somebody is tinkering around in that area that you might have an erection, and (I can only assume) that any therapist experienced in male Brazilian waxing won’t be concerned if you do.


If it happens to you, the best thing to do is nothing at all. No need to apologise or cover it up, just ignore it (because your therapist will).


Erections during waxing are less common than you might think. Most men find after their first wax that they didn’t need to be concerned at all. Mainly because even if an erection does happen, it doesn’t seem to stick around for long …maybe it’s the ripping of the wax that sends it running!

Look out for more pre-waxing advice in our following articles, but in the meantime feel free to leave a comment below if there’s something you’d like to ask — don’t be shy, we won’t be!


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