Waxing vs Shaving; Why is it Better to Wax?

We’re looking at the most frequently asked questions that put people off waxing. Okay, so we know that waxing could pinch a bit more than just a tickle… so why have it done at all?

Why is it better to wax?

Waxing vs Shaving:

Hair removal results differ dramatically between waxing and shaving. Yes, shaving can be convenient, and leaves the skin very smooth. But this silky feeling doesn’t last long.

They say 5’oclock shadow for a reason; men that shave their face regularly might have a smooth face in morning, but stubble follows them home by the afternoon. Shaving involves sliding a razor over the skin, slicing the hair at the level of the skin. However, this is only half the hair being removed — the root of the hair is left comfortably in it’s follicle, and continues to grow. Stubble forms because the hair is sliced off where it starts becoming thicker (at the root), so as it grows out it feels rougher than it was before.

Where waxing is different:

When hair is removed with wax, the entire hair is removed from the follicle (including the root of the hair). This means that the hair must regenerate from scratch, from the base of follicle. The benefit of this is the extra time it takes for that hair to start again and push it’s way to the surface of the skin — with regular waxing this takes about 6-8 weeks. The added benefit of the hair growing from scratch is thinner and softer regrowth when it does grow back, as opposed to the stubble of shaving.

Over time, waxing weakens the hair follicle; hair grows back slower, becomes thinner and less painful to remove. It might seem like too much to maintain at first, but waxing quickly becomes much easier if you stick with it.

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