How can I prepare for my Brazilian? FAQs about Men’s Waxing

What to expect when having a wax? Frequently asked questions about men’s waxing

So you’ve been brave enough to make the appointment… what do you need to do to prepare yourself for the big event?

How to prepare for your Brazilian wax?

Preparing for a Brazilian wax is really not a huge deal, it’s no different if you are a man or a woman, either.

There isn’t anything special you need to do to prepare for your booking, but it’s definitely common courtesy to be freshly showered before you go along to your booking. If you have a loofah or some exfoliant you can give the area a scrub beforehand. This will help to loosen the hair so it removes a little easier, but it’s not essential so don’t worry if you forget.

If you are really concerned about the pain then feel free to also pop a couple of painkillers beforehand, I’m not sure how effective this is to be honest, but I’ve heard that it can help. If bushy you can trim as I have talked about in this article

Your therapist will take care of the rest. If you’re confused about how to prepare for your wax don’t be afraid to ask your therapist, they will appreciate you wanting to be prepared for them, it makes their life easier in the long run!

Waxing vs Shaving; Why is it Better to Wax?

Shaving image; is waxing better than shaving?

We’re looking at the most frequently asked questions that put people off waxing. Okay, so we know that waxing could pinch a bit more than just a tickle… so why have it done at all?

Why is it better to wax?

Waxing vs Shaving:

Hair removal results differ dramatically between waxing and shaving. Yes, shaving can be convenient, and leaves the skin very smooth. But this silky feeling doesn’t last long.

They say 5’oclock shadow for a reason; men that shave their face regularly might have a smooth face in morning, but stubble follows them home by the afternoon. Shaving involves sliding a razor over the skin, slicing the hair at the level of the skin. However, this is only half the hair being removed — the root of the hair is left comfortably in it’s follicle, and continues to grow. Stubble forms because the hair is sliced off where it starts becoming thicker (at the root), so as it grows out it feels rougher than it was before.

Where waxing is different:

When hair is removed with wax, the entire hair is removed from the follicle (including the root of the hair). This means that the hair must regenerate from scratch, from the base of follicle. The benefit of this is the extra time it takes for that hair to start again and push it’s way to the surface of the skin — with regular waxing this takes about 6-8 weeks. The added benefit of the hair growing from scratch is thinner and softer regrowth when it does grow back, as opposed to the stubble of shaving.

Over time, waxing weakens the hair follicle; hair grows back slower, becomes thinner and less painful to remove. It might seem like too much to maintain at first, but waxing quickly becomes much easier if you stick with it.

Is Waxing Painful…?


What to expect when you are waxing:

Frequently asked questions about men’s Brazilian waxing

Is Brazilian waxing really painful?

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked – how painful is waxing, really? The anticipation of pain before waxing for the first time can be off-putting – because try pulling a single hair out from your nose, it really hurts! So, try removing many hairs at once… from a sensitive area on your body…. it’s logical to assume that it might be somewhat painful…!

Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as you might be assuming. Most people after their first wax comment that it was much less painful than they were anticipating.

How does that work then?

Wax is heated before being applied; the heat in the wax helps to open up the pores, meaning hair pulls out easier (and less painfully). This is also why cold epilation methods, like sugar waxing and Epilady machines can hurt like hell. It’s also why pulling out a single hair hurts too – the cold pores are holding that hair in, and don’t want to let go – ouch!

I’m not going to tell you that waxing is only going to tickle – there is some pain involved – but for most it’s no worse than ripping off a band-aid. Also, the pain doesn’t stick around once a patch of wax is removed. It’s also dramatically less painful the next time you wax (provided you don’t leave it too long)

Some skin types and hair types can be more sensitive to waxing and tend to feel the pain more than others (fair skins with red curly hair, or any hair that has deep roots may experience more pain on their first wax). If you’re concerned, pop a couple of painkillers before your appointment, have a warm shower before you go, and let your therapist know if you are finding it more painful than you anticipated – they may apply a cold compress to the area for some relief for you.

My most important advice to keep pain to a minimum:

If your therapist asks you to hold your skin to assist them, the tighter you hold the skin, the less painful it will be when the wax is removed

Male Brazilian waxing FAQ’s — how long does the hair need to be?

Image of man scared of waxing

We’re looking at the most commonly asked questions about male brazilian waxing from first timers, to help you before your first wax…

How long does my hair need to be to be waxed?

Maybe you shaved recently and in your bristly, itchy regrowth state started considering the benefits of waxing… and after reading up a bit it sounds like a much better option… and you want to start straight away — there’s only one issue:

How long do I need to grow my hair before it can be waxed?

Generally, anything over 0.5 cm can be removed with wax. However, you’ll get much better results (and likely a less cranky therapist) with hair 1 cm long or more. At this length the hair will come out all in one go much easier (and less painful for you)

Should  I trim long hairs?

It’s up to you really. It’s likely going to be a bit easier for both you and your therapist if you tame the bush a little beforehand if it’s a bit out of control. Don’t stress about it, just (carefully) trim the excess with a pair of scissors.  Saves your hair getting tangled in the wax (which can definitely cause a pinch)

What to expect when having a wax

First wax image

What to expect when you are having your first Brazilian wax; the awkward questions

Having your first Brazilian wax can seem daunting (especially for you poor guys). There’s a definite awkwardness involved in baring your hairy privates to a stranger to rip out…!

We’re not shy, so we’ll answer the awkward questions beforehand so you don’t have to


What happens if I get an erection when I’m being waxed?

This seems to be one of the biggest concerns for first-timers. It’s a natural reaction when somebody is tinkering around in that area that you might have an erection, and (I can only assume) that any therapist experienced in male Brazilian waxing won’t be concerned if you do.


If it happens to you, the best thing to do is nothing at all. No need to apologise or cover it up, just ignore it (because your therapist will).


Erections during waxing are less common than you might think. Most men find after their first wax that they didn’t need to be concerned at all. Mainly because even if an erection does happen, it doesn’t seem to stick around for long …maybe it’s the ripping of the wax that sends it running!

Look out for more pre-waxing advice in our following articles, but in the meantime feel free to leave a comment below if there’s something you’d like to ask — don’t be shy, we won’t be!